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Navigation Security And Online Poker Poker Rooms
Poker Seurity: a Small Checklist

By: Chris

We present a checklist you can use to add extra privacy and sercurity while surfing and playing at online poker and gambling sites. The links are compiled from our articles on Online Poker Security and Privacy and can be found in our poker articles section.

Anti virus software: Prevents malicous software from beeing installed on your computer. Requires regular updates from the corresponding anti-virus software provider. Norton Antivirus, F-Secure Antivirus, McAffee, Panda Antivirus. (Trial versions available)
Anti Spyware software: Highlights and removes installed spyware but be careful to remove all cookie files from your web cache since it may affect the appearance and setting of frequently visited web-sites. Ad Aware (freeware + pro version available)
Updated Operating System files: If you are running a MS Windows operating system you can check for updates at the Windows Update web. Windows Update (free for Ms Windows users)
Firewall Software: Prevents unathourized access to your computer by granting access only to trusted Internet resources. Zonealarm (Free for home use + pro version available)
Encryption Software: Enables you to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data. The links here takes you to software that allows you to create virtual partitions, containers where you can store all the files you want to protect. By using one single password you unlock all the files stored in the container.

Drivecrypt (free trial) Scramdisk (freeware works with 95/98/Me)
E4M (freeware)

To learn more about the software visit the webpages listed or read our articles on the subject.

We cannot take any responsibility for consequences for your use of the information provided here. In some countries the use of of the software mentioned here may be prohibited and its up to you to investigate what is allowed at your location.

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