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Here we suggest some good software and books of interest for the online poker player which in most cases are books of interest for B&M poker players as well.


Hold'em Poker For Adanced Players (Sklansky, D; Malmuth, M): A book for the poker player who has a quite good understanding of the game but wants to improve his or her understanding of the game. Includes sections on the first two cards, semibluffing, shorthanded play and many more important concepts. It is a book you will get back to many times during your poker play if you are interested in improving your Hold'em skills.
Hold'em Poker (Sklansky, D) The very first book ever written on Hold'em which takes the reader through the basic rules and concepts of Texas Hold'em. If you are new to the game this book is a good starting point.
Play Poker Like the Pros (Hellmuth, P) One of the most successful poker players reveals his secrects in this book. A good introduction to poker in general which is a good introduction. Some of the plays suggested here are questioned with resepct to profitability especially in the section on Limit Hold'em. However it is a good book to read about poker in an entertaining way.
Winning Low-Limit Holdem (Jones, L) A book on specifcally aimed at low limit hold'em players who wants to beat their local casino games. Many of the strategies and plays probably works in the online poker rooms as well. Introduciton to the game, starting hands together with explanations of some important concepts makes this a good book for newcommers who wants to beat the online games.


Pokertracker ( - Statistics tool keeping track of you play at some of the major poker sites today. By requesting hand histories users can import the content into the software. The data is compiled and can be analysed in many ways. For instance you can look at how sucessful certain hands, raises and ways of play has been.
Pokerstat ( - A similar product to Pokertracker which however only supports Paradise poker. This software feels more stable and if you prefer to play at Paradise Poker this may be your best choice for statiscal poker software.
Turbo Texas Hold'em - A good piece of software where you can train to play against player which are generated by the computer. You can define how the computer players shall play. For instance you can make them play loose/aggresive or tight/passive. Instead of loosing your money at the real money table you can learn to beat these players.


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