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Pacific Poker

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Pacific Poker is operated of one of the oldest casinos online Casino-on-Net established in 1996. Therefore the organisation behind the poker room is experienced with online gambling and issues related to both technical and practical aspects of the online poker experience. Lately the number of players at the Pacific Poker Room has grown at an impressive rate and you will find games at most limits going on around the clock.

The advantage of Pacific Poker is that they offer both a no-download along with a download version of the software where the latter is to prefer. The no-download version looks less appalling and is slower than the download version, so if you are able to use the downloadable version to play. But the software isn’t the primary reason to play at Pacific Poker. Yes they have a good layout, relatively stable software and hand history, but the software tends to be slow and less sophisticated compared to other sites. Latelely however they have improved their software and added note taking functionality. So if you want the very best poker software play somewhere else, but if you want to win this is a good place, see our next section on players.

Here is the reason to play here; you will find tons of players easy to beat. Not only do some players play bad they also tend to play at limits where they shouldn’t play, giving you the possibility to move up higher in stakes than usual. For instance we play the $5-$10 tables here even if we choose not to play higher than $3-$6 at other sites simply because some of the players here are playing worse. These games here can be very profitable if you have done your homework and play disciplined.

You can make payments very easy and withdrawals as well, but allow a delay in withdrawals for a couple of days. Payment options are numerous and the interface for deposits works great.

All transactions are made through encrypted communication making it hard and the site monitors the tables for suspected behaviour in order to avoid collusion. The software uses encryption and we have never heard of any security problems at Pacific Poker.

E-mail support is excellent. We have had numerous contacts regarding some practical issues and they are both quick in their responses and patient. We had some minor issues with a payment and this was solved within half an hour so it seems like they have experienced support staff with good knowledge about online gambling. For new players hotlines are available for assistance with deposit issues. This information is available when you sign up for an account.

The profitable games at Pacific make this a great place to play poker both for experienced players and newcomers. Both tournaments and ring games are available and both offer great games. Pacific is a top choice, as a fact most of our online poker winnings comes from playing at Pacific Poker. Also the software can be perceived as boring but still it has the main functionality that you can expect from online poker software.
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Games Offered:
Texas Hold'em Fixed Limit: $0.05-$0.1, $0.1-$0.2, $0.25-$0.5, $0.5-$1, $1-$2, $2-$4, $3-$6, $5-$10, $8-$16, $10-$20, $15-$30, $20-$40
No Limit: $0.05-$0.1, $0.25-$0.5, $0.5-$1, $1-$2
Pot Limit: $0.05-$0.1, $0.25-$0.5, $0.5-$1, $1-$2
Omaha Fixed Limit: $0.05-$0.1, $0.1-$0.2, $0.25-$0.5, $0.5-$1, $1-$2, $2-$4, $3-$6, $5-$10, $8-$16, $10-$20, $15-$30, $20-$40
Omaha Hi/Lo Fixed Limit: $0.05-$0.1, $0.1-$0.2, $0.25-$0.5, $0.5-$1, $1-$2, $2-$4, $3-$6, $5-$10, $8-$16, $10-$20, $15-$30, $20-$40
Seven Card Stud Fixed Limit: $0.05-$0.1, $0.1-$0.2, $0.25-$0.5, $0.5-$1, $1-$2, $2-$4, $3-$6, $5-$10, $8-$16, $10-$20, $15-$30, $20-$40
Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Fixed Limit: $0.05-$0.1, $0.1-$0.2, $0.25-$0.5, $0.5-$1, $1-$2, $2-$4, $3-$6, $5-$10, $8-$16, $10-$20, $15-$30, $20-$40
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