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So you have discovered that you can play poker online and you are out to try out the play money tables or play and win real money. We will give you some advice in order to make your online poker experience as good as possible. Please note that the advice is based on my personal experiences and you should of course make your own evaluation of the advice given here.
  • Find your place or places to play. Just as in home games you will find certain online poker rooms more suitable than others Firs, since not all poker rooms may carry the game you want to play you have to find out where the available games are and what limits and betting structures different online poker sites carries. For instance what rooms carris No/Limit Hold’em with $1-$2 Blinds? By using our poker room search engine you can select you options and get a list of sites providing the game of your choice. The places listed here at are to our and many others knowledge considered as secure places conducting their operations professionally. Rooms with a bad or questionable reputation isn’t listed by us.
  • Learn how to play. The play money tables offers excellent training skills, but don’t forget to read a book or two while practising. You will need both playing experience and a theoretical understanding of the game in order to become a successful player. The play money tables gives you an idea of how the software works and also improves your knowledge on the game, however you will not learn to play here to 100% because play money players will often bet/raise like crazy since the play chips have no real value to them. The difference between real money tables and play money tables is pretty obvious when you look at the two.
  • Find your best deposit alternative (Real Money Play) We currently recommend you to open a Neteller account. Neteller is an online wallet where you deposit and withdraw money to. If you are in the Us, Canda or Great Britain you can choose to deposit and withdraw money from/to your Neteller account directly from your own bank account. This is not the only advantage; you can also transfer money very smooth between different poker rooms, mostly this can be done fast, and reliable. Most rooms doesn’t charge you for making these transactions. If you for instance choose to withdraw $500 from Party Poker. You simply enter your Neteller details into the Party Poker cashier and choose the cash out option. The money will in many cases be in your account within a couple of hours. Now you can either choose to deposit into another poker room or cash out your money into your bank account or by check. This is strongly recommended.
  • Secure your computer. In order to minimize the risks of online poker playing we recommend that you install programs recommended in our poker security section articles which can be found in our poker articles section.
  • Be careful. If you choose to play for real money it is essential to not go for the high limit tables without having sufficient funds for it. Sitting down at a $15-$30 Hold’em table is not recommended with a bankroll of $250. Instead start at lower limits and work your way up or deposit more money into your account.
  • Game selection. Online poker rooms often have statistics available in the lobby saying something about its players. The statistics is often about the number of players taking part in the game after the initial hand. A high percentage indicates that the players at the table is loos playing meaning that they have low starting hand requirements in order to compete for the pot. If the table on the opposite is tight that is their starting hand requirements are high then you may want to look for a loser table.
  • Learn how your opponents plays. Note taking and player profiling are important aspects of playing poker. In most online poker software there is a possibility to attach notes to players. If they are seated at a table you can simply click on a button and add notes for that specific player. It could be the starting hands or other tendencies that player may have for instance regarding betting/raising in certain situations. When you know a player you may choose to play very differently towards that player compared to a total stranger.
  • Know yourself. The player you often don't analyze is yourself. It is essential to understand your own weaknesses and how to act in certain situations. Most likely other poker players observes your way of playing and acts according to your tendencies. By doing this you will know where you need to improve your play or when it is time to leave or what hands to fold. If you for instance don’t know how to play medium suited connections from middle position it may be better to fold until you feel more comfortable with that hand.

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